Hydromassage SPA pool – we take care of it properly.

The whirlpool spa pool from Master Spas has been purchased, installed on a flat platform and ready for use. In the world market, the pool of this company, translated into automotive language, is a luxury unit. And of course he demands the same respect for himself as these famous cars. Each of which has its own serial number from the manufacturer by which the history of the car is tracked and parts are selected in the event of a breakdown after ten, twenty and thirty years. Indeed, in our super-fast time, nothing stands still, everything changes, but the classics remain, and, with proper care, serve for a century.

What do novice users need to know? Like a car, a whirlpool spa pool requires proper maintenance. This means that you need to change the filters at least every 3-4 months, depending on the frequency of use. Clean filters (like the spark plugs in a car) ensure perfect engine performance.

The whirlpool spa pool must be preserved for the winter so that it does not freeze and the inside of the pool does not burst from ice. This is, of course, if you do not use it in the winter. You also need to monitor the purity of the pool water. It is cleaned and disinfected with the help of special preparations that must be added after each bathing so that the water does not become cloudy and bloom. The hydromassage spa pool is a complex hydraulic system with a closed water recirculation cycle. It lasts for several months thanks to preparations and a unique four-stage water purification system. The water is constantly filtered as in nature and remains clean for several months. Then, of course, it must be drained through a submersible pump, since the preparations for water purification give a sediment. It is this sediment that clogs the filters, if they do not change for a long time, they become "stone". And if the filters are not replaced in time, further breakdowns of POMP, heating elements or other vital parts may begin. This is called the correct and timely care of the spa pool. The hydromassage SPA pool from Master Spas is as reliable and comfortable as a car, which has been improving for about fifty years, can be reliable and comfortable. The latest systems of waterproofing, filtration, energy saving have been used and successfully implemented in it. All Master Spas models use a multi-stage water purification system. And also an absolutely harmless to human health bowl made of 100% acrylic from the company "Lucite", which is covered with a unique antimicrobial protection "Microban" for additional protection against fungi and mold. All this ensures the correct operation of the spa pool and crystal clear water for a very long time, saving you from unnecessary worries and hassles. And this is the best thing in the world market today, and high quality is a guarantee of trouble-free service. Take care of your spa pool properly, and it will certainly thank you and yours with longevity and excellent health! Get some rest. Reborn. Come alive. Together with Master Spas!
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