Spa Pool LSX 850

The unique design of this new model is perfect for any landscape or interior, and the original arrangement of the hydromassage seats contributes to a great relaxation.

КАТЕГОРИЯ: Michael Phelps Series

Цена: 26500 24700
  • Antibacterial protection Microban®
  • LED kit (optional) and waterfalls
  • Stainless steel nozzles (optional)
  • Does not require frequent maintenance.
  • iPod connector, USB output
  • FM tuner
  • 4 speakers (two in retractable enclosures and a subwoofer)
  • convenient control (control unit built into the upper part of the case)
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  • Ergonomic Design

    From the minute you sit down, you'll feel the difference. Our engineers created seats that complement the contour of your body, making it easy to relax, naturally. Once you're wrapped in comfort of the form fitting seats, strategic jet placement delivers targeted hydrotherapy from head to toe.

  • Master BlasterTM Foot Therapy

    Sure, a foot massage feels good, but you may not know that foot reflexology provides health benefits throughout your body. So, we created the Master Blaster.

  • StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat™

    Reverse molding is the secret to soothing neck and shoulder hydrotherapy that goes beyond the usual.

  • Xtreme Therapy™ Seat

    Don't let a trying day get the best of you. Relieve stress and revive your senses as you lie back in our Xtreme Therapy™ Seat.

  • Xtreme Lounger Seat

    Nourish your body in the Xtreme Lounger full-body massage seat, one of our most powerful therapeutic massage experiences.

  • Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System

    Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries to relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce swelling and alleviate stiffness. Today, more and more doctors and physical therapists are returning to the healing effects of magnetic therapy.

  • Orbit Jets

    Orbit Jets with crystal-like nozzles add a decidedly upscale and distinctive look to your hot tub. Great looks are only a part of the story. Many of these beauties have fully adjustable velocity, ranging from 10-100%, allowing you to customize every seat.

  • Orion Light System™

    Our Orion Light System is anything but ordinary. An array of colors illuminate controls, water features, under the water, and more. With just a touch of a button from the easy-to-use topside controls, you can create a custom lightshow that fits any mood.

  • Dream Lighting*

    Beautiful soft streams of light accent the exterior corners of your hot tub. Not available with DreamStone Skirting.

  • Fusion Air Sound System*

    This high-tech hot tub stereo includes four interior, water-resistant speakers, and a subwoofer. Other available functions include FM radio and Bluetooth®, both of which are controlled by a weather-resistant touchpad.

  • WiFi Module*

    Now you can set the mood of your hot tub from the convenience of your Apple® or Android® device prior to entering. With the optional integrated Wi-Fi module that works with the Balboa Water Group Wi-Fi Spa Control app, you can remotely control how your hot tub operates, including the lighting, water temperature and running massage pumps.

  • Mast3rPur™ Water Management System*

    The exclusive Mast3rPur™ system blends three elements to create a powerful, unmatched hot tub sanitation system. Optional on Michael Phelps Legend Series hot tubs.

  • EcoPur® Charge Water Purification

    EcoPur® Charge is an innovative hot tub filtration system that replicates Mother Nature to more naturally purify spa water.

  • Energy Efficient

    Better insulation means lower energy costs. We use Icynene foam technology that has dramatically raised the standard over urethane foam insulation systems used by almost all U.S. spa manufacturers.

  • QuietFlo Water Care System™*

    This advanced water circulation system keeps hot tub water in motion, filtered and heated, even when the spa is not in use. Optional on Michael Phelps Legend Series hot tubs.

Размеры 2390 x 2390 x 970 mm
Масса 590 kg
Объем 1741 l
Насос 3
Количество форсунок 65
Количество мест 6-7
Нижний комплекс Master BlasterTM 59 (2 Master Blasters ®)
Дополнительная панель управления one
Комплект светодиодной подсветки Orion Light System™
Дополнительные опции
  • Deluxe Fusion BT
  • DreamStoneTM WIFI
  • Module