SPA therapy

Welcome to the unique world of spa therapy and relaxation!
For 40 years ” Master Spas ” has been working on improving the spa system.


Hydrotherapy: 84 remedies for a hard day!

No other spa pool offers as many therapeutic jet configurations as Master Spas spa pools. Some models have up to 115 nozzles, most of which you can adjust the power of jets from full (100%) to weak (10%) power.

The Master Blaster ™ System is our exclusive foot therapy system, which consists of two nozzle blocks with 15 jets each for a total of 30 powerful jets. Plus, a powerful pump that produces over 700 liters of water per minute. It all works together to deliver you the maximum therapeutic massage benefits. Now with the Master Blaster ™ your tired legs will sing with joy.

Our exclusive Stress Relief ™ cervical headrest features a ledge with specially designed jets that push downwards. Substitute your shoulders and neck for the ultimate stress relieving spa massage.


Ergonomic design

Only for you is the best place in the house.

What makes each Master Spas a favorite with critics and buyers? Exquisitely designed and comfortable seats for Master Spas whirlpool spa pools. Using cutting-edge design and hydrotherapy, MS engineers have developed a seat that fits the human body perfectly, following its contours. Customize any seat to suit you and enjoy the magic of a hydromassage that envelops you in comfort from head to toe and transports you into the unique world of hydrotherapy.


Xxtreme - Therapy

Spa Therapy. We brought her to Xtreme.

Only for you is the best place in the house.

This huge, ergonomically designed seat (with regard to the structure of the human body) will surround you with comfort from head to toe and bring you into the world of extreme pleasure of hydrotherapy. Adjust the strength of the currents from a gentle murmur to a fast, bubbling flow.

The Xtreme therapy seat uses 20 dual vortex nozzles.

The nozzles are strategically located in an X-shape, which makes the massage especially effective and maximizes the coverage of the neck, shoulders, back, thighs, buttocks, calves, arms, wrists and hands.

Round off the full body massage of the unique Xtreme Therapy Seat with our exclusive 15-jet Master Blaster ™ Foot System .


Biomagnetic therapy

Revolutionary Therapy.

Our exclusive, patented Master Force Biomagnetic Therapy System is now available in most models. Used for centuries to relieve pain, relieve tumors, improve circulation and joint mobility, magnetic therapy is re-emerging in modern medicine. Today, more and more doctors and sports trainers are using magnetic therapy to treat back problems, arthritis and recover from sports injuries. Nearly 70% of professional athletes regularly use magnetic therapy to relieve pain and improve athletic performance.

How Does It Work?

The Master Force Biomagnetic Therapy System uses magnetic therapy to apply pressure to points in the neck and back. Located behind the Aqua Pressure seat and neck hydromassage headrest, the rare earth neodymium magnets create powerful magnetic therapy.


LED lightening

Hydromassage therapy in a completely new light.

A beautiful cascade of color illumination enhances the impression of the whirlpool.

The new "LED Kit" option is a revolutionary achievement in spa manufacturing. LEDs are brighter and more reliable than optical fiber.

Choose from a wide range of colors using the state-of-the-art control panel on the top of the cabinet and illuminate the magical color of your spa water, neck headrest, Xtreme therapy seat , waterfalls and more.


SPA Theater System

High technology for a luxurious life.

To give you the ultimate whirlpool experience, we have refined the spa system by combining the luxury of therapy with the high-quality patented Spa Theater System (STS) . Every component of this state-of-the-art system sets a new standard for the spa with its cutting-edge designs and beautiful designs. The STS kit includes:

  • 19 '' widescreen TV
  • DVD player
  • Stereo CD with marine grade speakers
  • Waterproof remote control
  • iPod with connection cable
  • All STS models are equipped with a high end speaker system to bring you the richness of true Dolby® 5.1 sound.

High Definition Widescreen Flat Panel TV housed in a waterproof polymer enclosure. The shockproof polycarbonate screen has a special anti-fog coating that prevents moisture from concentrating on the glass and protects it. Both the TV and the ultra-modern design speakers are powered by one touch up and down the system. You will also appreciate the convenience of the waterproof floating remote control.

Our Spa Theater is the perfect blend of aesthetics and engineering.