How to clean your spa pool filters.

The purpose of this article is to help you get the most out of your Master Spas Spa Pool. Today we will talk about how to clean your filters. You can watch a video clip on how to clean the filters.

Let’s start with the question – why clean the filters at all? Clogged filters reduce pump performance, make it difficult to clean water, and in some cases prevent the heater from working. If your spa pool is equipped with a touchscreen, you will see the following messages: insufficient water flow; no water flow; there is little water in the heater; there is no water in the heater. If there is no touchscreen, then you will see these messages in abbreviated form: HL; LF; Dr; or Dy.

The frequency of cleaning the filters depends on several factors. First, what kind of water do you have? If you filled the spa pool with water a few days ago, and one of the messages that we talked about appears, then the filters must be cleaned. In addition, the more often you use the spa pool, the more often you need to clean the filters. Under normal conditions of use, we recommend cleaning the filters once or twice a month. For this simple job you will need: a garden hose, a bucket, a filter cleaner and a towel.

First, unplug your spa pool from the power supply. If this is not done, there is a risk that particles of debris can get into the filter slot, which is completely undesirable since debris can enter the spa system of the pool. Now we take out the filters. The number of filters in different Master Spas models is different, from one to four.

We remove large debris from the large filter. Then we rinse the filter from the hose with a stream of water. This flushing removes particulate matter from the filter surfaces. After that, we take a bucket, pour in a preparation for cleaning filters, and add water to the bucket. The dosage of the drug is indicated on the container. After filling the buckets, put in large filters and leave it overnight. In the meantime, rinse the small Eco Pur filter. Under no circumstances should any chemical preparations be used to clean this filter, as they destroy the minerals from which this filter is made. It can only be rinsed with water and changed every three to six months. Thoroughly rinse the large filter in the morning. If drug residues remain in the filters, they can form a film on the water surface after the filter is replaced. The external filter can be reused several times. They usually last at least six months with proper care. Please note that only Master Spas filters fully match the specifications of our spa pools. Only original filters, as well as competent care for them, ensure long-term operation of the spa pool, as well as a manufacturer's warranty.