Spring Sale SPA Pools – Discount Exhibition Samples!

The spring sale of SPA pools, which the Master Spas company is pleased to announce, is held in our salon in the Sport Hit shopping center. The promotion with a discount of up to 15% will be held from March 1 to May 9 and applies to all exhibition samples. SPA pools and swimming pools of different modifications and all colors are waiting for their buyer. Hurry up to get the best quality-profitable. The quantity is limited!

Almost half a century of experience of the American company Master Spas allowed us to improve the design and construction of the bowl made of 100% acrylic “Lucite”. Apply the most high-tech solutions in thermal insulation, filtration and heating systems. The bowl is covered with antimicrobial protection “Microban”, which reliably protects against fungi and mold, and keeps the water fresh. With Master Spas, you can be confident that your pool water quality will surpass all industry standards. The Mast3rPur purification system provides the purest water. Which could pass the drinking water standard test. As in natural conditions, water goes through many stages of filtration. And it requires 90% less use of cleaning agents and keeping water fresh.

The frame made of G 90 automotive steel ensures reliability. And the galvanized steel box profile gives the frame extra strength. The bottom of the spa pool frame is protected by a high density vacuum molded resin base. This base helps keep the pool warm and protects the pool system from unwanted environmental conditions. Iceynene foam insulation makes the Master Spas spa pool one of the most energy efficient spa pools available in the industry. In addition, it serves as a reliable support for the plumbing system of the spa pool. The "High Tech Polar Wrap" insulating sheath significantly outperforms standard thermal insulation systems based on polyurethane foam. It provides a better thermal barrier to prevent cold air from entering, significantly reducing energy costs. A silver coating on the inside of the shell reflects heat into the interior of the pool. This is necessary in the cold Russian climate. The Master Spas whirlpool spa pool is thought out by the best engineers to the smallest detail, which is so important for the consumer in the future. Hurry up to get the best! Spring sale of spa pools awaits you in our salon "Master Spas" in Moscow in the shopping center "Sport Hit". Skolkovskoe highway, 31 inner side of the Moscow Ring Road. The first floor is the right side of the building.