Instructions for the use of preparations for a hydromassage spa pool.

How to keep the water clean and clear in the spa pool? What drugs to use and how? We will answer these questions for you in this article, or we will tell you in this video tutorial .

After filling the spa pool, it is important to check the water chemistry. The number of preparations depends on the size of your spa pool, as well as on the concentration of the preparations. Be sure to read the recommended amount of drugs, they are indicated directly on the containers. To calculate the amount you need to know how many tons of water your spa can hold. In our country, European-made spa products can be purchased from local specialized dealers. There are many of them on the Russian market. Master Spas does not manufacture water treatment chemicals. European-made preparations perform all the necessary functions in the preparation of water in the SPA pool and further support and disinfection, for several months. It is also necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the filters. Rinse them more often and change them every 3 to 6 months.

The test strips check all the required values. You need strips to measure pH, alkali, calcium hardness and chlorine. You will also need to purchase the following drugs: a pH enhancer, a pH reducer and sodium dichloride granules. It is worth noting that preparations for maintaining the water in the pool hygienically clean are divided into preparations for cold water or warm SPA areas of the pool, be sure to check with the sellers when buying this fact. Remember to add drugs in the correct order. First adjust the pH and the total alkaline value. Dip a test strip in water and check the result. The pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6 and the alkaline should be between 100 and 120 ppm. It is very important to first equalize the pH, and only then move on to the next step, adding sodium dichloride or bromine - disinfectants for water. If the pH is not balanced, the disinfector will not work effectively. The drugs are spread over the water surface. At the same time, all hydromassage pumps of the spa pool must be turned on for uniform and efficient treatment of all internal communications of the spa pool. Now we wait 30 - 50 minutes and do another measurement. The process must be repeated until the alkaline index and pH return to normal. If the first indicators were very high or very low, then you will need a lot of time. Repeat the process until you get the desired values. Next, we disinfect the water and all components of the spa pool. There are two main types of disinfectants - chlorine-based and bromine-based. Master Spas recommends sodium dichloride pellets. Their use allows EcoPur and ozone systems to work more efficiently. Do not confuse these granules with a trichloroacetic acid-based preparation, which may harm your spa pool. When filling the spa for the first time, make the free chlorine level higher than normal use. Bring the chlorine content to 5 to 8 ppm. Wait 60 minutes and then re-measure the free chlorine level. Do not let anyone use the spa until the chlorine level has dropped to 2-4 ppm, which is the optimum level. If the use of chlorine-containing preparations is contraindicated for you, then you can disinfect the water with preparations based on bromine. They dissolve more slowly, so you need to wait longer before the next measurement of water indicators. In addition, the concentration of bromine may increase. Do not overdose on the bromine content in the water. It is necessary to remove the tablets as soon as the required disinfectant content is reached. We have waited enough time for the water in your SPA pool to become perfect. You can swim and have fun. We hope this article helped you. If you have any questions, do not forget to look into the user's book, there is a whole section about water indicators. Or call our service center. Take proper care of the Master Spas SPA pool, and it will give you only pleasure, health and good mood! Enjoy SPA treatments!